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ストレスフリーな操作感 端末


PiPit-mobile.2 is an application for Android dedicated to PiPit-VISION.
No complicated operation is required.
Not only can you easily deliver movies and pictures taken with smartphones
Trimming function that can be done intuitively with easy operation
Very convenient message display (9 line correspondence) function etc. can be used for schedule display etc.

* When purchasing PiPit - VISION, 1 smartphone for delivery will be attached.



PiPit - Windows. Is an application for Windows PC dedicated to PiPit - VISION.
Since it can be operated with a screen larger than mobile.2
For those who are accustomed to PC operation it is a more convenient delivery method.
Considering the security and location of the workplace
We prepared various delivery methods.



PiPit - Web. Is a WEB system that can manage schedule of distributed content.
Reservation management can be done on a day, week, monthly basis when, for example, which video is flowing.
Although it is a WEB system, we also consider security as a matter of course
You can use it with confidence.




Traditional PiPit-mobile.2 and PiPit-Windows. Have made the strengths of distribution within the communicable range of Wi-Fi as a strength.
Furthermore, by installing a 4G communication terminal in PiPit - VISION main body now, operation is now possible from anywhere.
It is PiPit-network. Which enables remote control via the Internet.