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看板 活用実例 看板 活用実例 看板 活用実例 看板 活用実例

It is a type of LED display that fits perfectly at the construction site.
It is also possible to send a message to neighbor, or CM.
Since it can be operated easily with a smartphone, we are operating without stress on our customers.

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ウェルカムボートとしてのデジタルサイネージ(電子看板) 活用 実例 ウェルカムボー
	                    トとしてのデジタルサイネージ(電子看板) 活用 実例

【customer's voice】
I wanted a welcome board for a while.
Even if it puts it in the entrance of the company it is cool so I like it.

I wanted to promote a new business and bought it.
We are also widely involved in community activities and we also work with such events and other activities.
I would like to continue to make full use of it.

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【customer's voice】
As we are called monzen pharmacies, there are many pharmacies around.
I decided to place an electronic signboard at the shop front for customers.

The reason for choosing the PiPit-VISION is stylish and cool.
The effect is outstanding, I think that more customers have visited us than before.
Also, the movie is very satisfied, thank you for making something that draws upon our request.
And, because we can easily replace contents, we are very glad that we can operate easily even if we do not understand the computer.
From now on I will take videos and even want to use it happily.

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【customer's voice】
I have been looking for various digital signage till now.
Among them, PiPit - VISION was greatly attracted to the bright, bright and highly visible visibility.
(I think that you can understand it in the photograph.)
I think that there is no other signboard with such expressiveness.

The advantage of being able to operate with smartphone is merit. Thank You!

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デジタルサイネージ(電子看板)活用実例 デジタルサイネージ(電子看板)活用実例

It was set up at the entrance of the company. This customer uses it instead of a welcome board for visitors of the day.
Video of the welcome board is produced at PowerPoint.

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It was set up at the entrance of the building material trading company.
We are using it as a welcome board for visitors, and introduction movies etc of our company.

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テナントビル広告 看板 活用実例 テナントビル広告 看板 活用実例

【customer's voice】
I've been very interested in LED digital signage for a long time.
When I got an estimate from another company several years ago, I gave up, not a very handy amount.

However, in order to raise the value of the building, we have created the original digital signage.

The effect is outstanding. You can remember it as "a building with a big vision". By showing advertisements of tenant buildings, tenants will be pleased as well.
I am arranging variously and using it for enjoyment.

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SORAスタジオ 看板 活用実例 SORAスタジオ 看板 活用実例

【customer's voice】 There was also a good location immediately after leaving the station, and I thought that I wanted to install a vision from before.
I was relieved that I got a quote on site and carried out an estimate.

The effectiveness of the vision is outstanding, the class of the studio increased in the word-of-mouth, a new teacher came.
We also make all the classroom introduction videos. We also broadcast the Metropolitan Police Department and local news, and now weather forecast of Kyodo news agency.
I would like to continue to use it as a vision to rejuvenate the area.

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看板 活用実例 看板 活用実例

For the pachinko shop, we set up the original size vision PiPit - オーダー.
Since customers here have their own delivery systems and contents, they are connected to the customer's system.

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看板 活用実例 看板 活用実例 看板 活用実例 看板 活用実例

We set up PiPit - オーダー at the construction site of the Olympic Gymnasium new construction site.
This customer has used this big vision as a sign of the morning meeting.

This customer uses its own system.
Also, you can display the drawing and photos you used during morning meetings with smartphone and display it.

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