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Want to change the culture of signboard.Development with three to meet my thought.

株式会社アトラス広告社 近藤

My company does outdoor advertising for 50 years. I am Atsushi Kondo of the representative director. Thank you for looking at this WEB site 'PiPit-VISION'.

I produced and installed a lot of outdoor signboards so far. I began to think that a signboard change an electronic signboard(=digital signage). When I get the order for electronic signboard from our customers,I laid in stock from the maker and delivered it. But it was hard to use most products and did not have a visitor satisfy. Then I thought that I want to produce electronic signboard which it is easy to use more and I want to help business prosperity. Now I began this business to creative new culture of expressing contents.

Our members are Maruya Building and Rising Sun Corporation. Maruya Building is contents production company. Rising Sun Corporation is application and software of system development company. We develop with three.

What is the thing which is the most important for our customers?
We continue to think about it.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Atlas advertising agency Co., Ltd

Company Atlas advertising agency Co., Ltd
Establiched 1969 Sep 4th
Representative director Atsushi Kondo
Capital fund 10million yen
Address Head office : 540-4 tate-cho,hachioji-shi,Tokyo
Content production department : Maruya building 6-13 Misaki-cho,hachioji-shi,Tokyo
System Development Department : Maeno building 3F 7-11 asahi-cho,hachioji-shi,Tokyo
Tel/Fax +81-42-661-2905 / +81-42-661-3211
Construction industry permission No.140841

Register outdoor advertising industry

Tokyo Register outdoor advertising industry 都広(2) No.203 Hachioji Register outdoor advertising industry No.2
In addition to Tokyo and Hachioji City, outdoor advertising business registered nationwide

Administrative accreditation / public institution support etc.

Tokyo Hachioji 「H.26 Hachioji City Small Business New Product Development Certification System」 Certified business operator Accreditation number 26-10
(Public good)Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Corporation Project possibility evaluation Evaluation project
(Public good) Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Corporation New market development development business Supported products

Intellectual property right

Patent(Pending) PiPit-mobile.
Trademark registration PiPit-VISIONR No.5756606