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It is a product developed in consideration of being able to use any scene outdoors.
Ultra high brightness 5000 cd full color 3.9 mm pitch This product
You can choose from 3 basic types.

屋外対応超高輝度LED電子看板 PiPit-VSION 3.9


Size is a line-up of 3 types that are user-friendly.
It is a portable housing design that supports every scene of outdoor electronic signage.
We realized overwhelming visibility even under direct sunlight outdoors. It can correspond to various installation conditions such as wall mounting type and stand type with casters installed.

高輝度屋外対応LED電子看板PiPit-VISION 3.9m
高輝度屋外対応LED電子看板PiPit-VISION 3.9s
高輝度屋外対応LED電子看板PiPit-VISION 3.9w